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Brazillian Laura
ID : RIZA492680
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Location : Richmond
30 Minutes : $140
60 Minutes : $220 (Greek, msog, gulp, cim +++)

Hey babe its play time boys

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  • Decided to pay Laura a visit as I’ve always had good sexual experiences with Brazilians over the years….. As usual I wasn’t let down. Setup was super easy she replied fairly quickly to my text messages and seemed to be okay with me showing up sort of last minute ( I basically texted saying hey wanna hookup in 10 mins)? Showed up in 15 mins and she was good to go. Smelled very fresh and had a big smile on her face. She’s honestly such a sweetheart I enjoyed my time with her very much. Very small age gap so that might have also contributed but yea very down to earth girl who was talkative in a good way and funny. Pictures are accurate she is a thicker girl for sure so if you’re into that body type you might enjoy. I don’t see thick girls very often while pooning but I enjoyed her body. Little chitchat to begin with followed by handing over donation which led within seconds to some tasty Dfk which more than a few minutes. We headed over to the bed to continue. She’s a good kisser and seemed to enjoy it. She went down and gave me a very nice and deep Bbbj. The Bbbj wasn’t super slurrpy or anything with tons of moans and tons of saliva like Moana but she did several deepthroat attempts and definitely gave a relatively sloppy one. She likes missionary so I plowed her like that and finished off in doggy. She loves to phuck. For hour sessions she’s msog, normally I’d have done her a few more times but I’d already banged a few other girls earlier. We spent the rest of the time talking. I like this girl… Not gonna judge looks for her because that’s subjective. I found her face to be very cute. You can look at her pics and judge for yourself if You want to take a plow. Pics are accurate.. If you’re not into this body type then just don’t bother. But if you’re into it then sure why not.


    I give service an 8 because of the willingness to do Bbbj DT, Cim ( I popped inside her so didn’t get to Cim this time around) And her sex drive…We spent the time after the session talking but i could tell that she’d be down to smash a few more times if I wanted. She’s had some mixed reviews I think? I can only speak for what I experienced so yea.