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ID : RIZA660781
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Location : Richmond
30 Minutes : $160 (Cim +40. Msog +40)
60 Minutes : $240 (Cim +40 msog incl.)

Hope you can take some time out of your busy schedule to come and see me or one of the lovely girls that work with me at one of our locations.

Remember play safe and drive sober.

Need some one to Accompaniment to social occasions. I can be your good girlfriend or the naughty one to your company party 🙂 $100 per hour.  Dress as requested and can play the part you want.

Incalls to Richmond hotels only for new clients.



  • Well here goes for my first review. I totally agree with you onegoalwonder. I have seen Riza three times now and i have had an amazing session each time. Riza is a super sweet woman, attractive, a warm personality and smile, petite (just the way i like ’em). Beautiful soft skin and a sexy mocha skin tone. She has a killer ass with sexy toned legs. Her place is easy to find, lucky for me I live 10 minutes away and is clean and inviting.
    On my first visit my back was a bit sore so we used the hot tub. After undressing I sat in the hot tub, Riza came over to me and sat on my legs she started stoking my hard-on while i played with and sucked on her soft, sexy tits..funny how quickly one can forget about a sore back. After the quick dip it was off to the bedroom. I love to cuddle with lots of foreplay and Riza was into it the whole time. After some caressing i went down on her and…OMG!!! she has THE sweetest pussy ever!! her juices are nectar-like and she is lasered silky smooth. After a while she got up and started to give me my bbbj. Love the way she licked and sucked my balls and the bj was outstanding. I had to pull her ass towards me so i could continue to devour her luscious pussy.
    After our preliminary fun it was time for the main event. A cap was fitted and we started missionary. Her petite body is so nice to hold in this position. Then we switched it up to doggie, seeing her large flappy pussy lips wrap around my shaft was a real turn on, so much so i had to look up or it would have been over real quick. I kept my composure for a while and pounded her hard ending with an intense orgasm, so much so i became kind or rigid at the end of it but Riza took over and kept pushing her pussy onto my cock until the very end.
    Riza in my opinion is worth every penny she charges, in fact i usually add a bit more for good measure. It usually comes back to me 10 fold.
    I definitely consider myself a regular client of hers, I would highly recommend seeing her, she rocks!!

  • Saw Riza a week ago for the first time. Nice personality, attitude and very easy to get along with. I think I will be regular. I’ll stay away from badoo girls for now. No time for emotional relationship. Riza is perfect. She’s there when you need that special touch. And no guilty feeling after you hump and take off. hehehhe. Salamat ulit Riza!

  • No worries. It’s Richmond, not Surrey, lol. You’re not going to get shaken down at Riza’s place. You’ll get happily drained in other ways, but not robbed.

    The smile is unmistakable. The photos are all Riza, but her best attributes are the service and attitude. My experience is that she genuinely likes to provide and is a very friendly individual. I’ll give her BBBJ skills a .85 on the Ally scale (that’s really high marks). The other thing too is that she is constantly working on improving all parts of her Milf Experience. She’s not a spinner but she is not fat. She is working out but I hope not too much as I like a bit of softness. She is very responsive to DATY too.

    For those into feet, she does have a nice petite and pedicured pair and loves attention to them.

    I’m going to have to try out that swing.

  • I am (sorry was) still looking for a replacement for Abby and decided to try this lady. I am so happy that I did as I had a most delightful hour. I am not giving her name as she does not post it, so the Lady will be called “She”.
    Photos are absolutely her. Height is 5′, well built but not fat. B cups with big brown nipples, clean shaven and a pleasant face. Speaks perfect English and is situated in East Richmond.
    BBBJ was exactly to my liking but she will adjust to what you like. After 10 min of sucking it was my turn to have lunch on a very sweet pussy, which got nice and wet in response. Digits were allowed but I did not go near the backdoor as I was enjoying myself too much. After that, missionary (my choice) but she said she likes to be on top. After a spell of mish, it was on to the swing suspended from the ceiling. This was my first time seeing or doing it this way and was most enjoyable. I was nearing my end and asked for a CIM finish. The dear lady was happy to oblige and she kept on sucking until I stopped shaking! What an ending! Total time was just over a hour, which I had booked for $.5. There was no sense of being rushed.
    All in all, a fantastic experience. It didn’t hurt that I know a little bit of Tagalog which help us bond a little quicker. Treat her well unlike a few clients who were not asked to pay in advance and then walked out without paying the agreed amount. She did not ask me for the donation either in advance. I have found my new regular. Thank you “She”.

  • Was just going to post up a review of Riza (saw her this week). She doesn’t advertise much so when I saw her on ERS she got my attention.

    I booked for 2 hrs for $$.5 – not too much to add as OP pretty much described her to a T. It can take me awhile to pop, and some SP’s don;t like if you last “too long” (I get complaints of are you gonna cum, or I’m getting sore/dry). Not with Riza – pounded a good 20 minutes first time and she was right into it. Great massage in between taking her time and the butt massage with her feet was awesome. Round 2 she was on top and rode me hard for another 15 minutes until she was sweating (she was really into it). Had another shower and left exhausted.

    BTW, she does have a swing in her room. On my way out she sat in it legs apart smiling saying we should have tried it. I was tempted to dish out some more $$ and try for a 3rd but had to be somewhere. Will definitely repeat and for 2hrs, maybe even all night ($$$$$).

  • I visited the lady over the weekend and agree with the previous posts. I found her attractive and easy to converse with. It was easy to set up an appointment and Riza was pro-active by texting about 45 before the due time to confirm that I was intending to keep the appointment. She seemed to genuinely enjoy the session, encouraging digits during DATY. The swing was interesting and a first for me. It took me a long time to finish, which is becoming more of an issue for me, but there were no complaints from Riza and she willingly finished me with CIM, appologising for not swallowing. She will be a rare repeat for me.

  • First time posting, wasn’t planning on joining or posting but made a exception just to through out my two cents. First time seeing a SP and was nervous as hell. Saw some good reviews about Riza and thought I would take the Plunge. Texting was a breeze, quick response and followed up with a text and telephone call the day of. I told her this was my first time hoping it might make it better. As soon as she met me at the door I started to feel at ease. Big brown eyes and a face I found very attractive. The pics on ERs list are accurate and definately her. She led me into her nice main floor suite that was very clean, organized and well stocked. She accomapanied me in the shower where she scrubbed back and all other places Very gentle and in a unrushed pleasant way. I was hard in a flash. The nerves started calming down dramaticaly and felt myself feeling at home. Off to the play area. I had heard about the swing and was fasinated to try. She was more than happy to show me how to help her in and set up the straps to work for both of us. 30 min later off to the bed where she gave me a awesome bbbj not skipping a beat. I could have easily finished there but I shelfishly wanted more. Laying on the bed she was on top of me in a flash doing a awseome cowgirl. After 20 min or maybe more of that I was close and she sensed it and asked if I wanted to finish with a cim, well I was not about to argue. It was so good I could bearly stand it, she took pleasure in working it until I couldnt take another second. We layed back, she wiped the sweat from me with a towel and got me a drink. Afer we had another nice relaxing shower. Saw me to the door with a nice kiss and I was off. I dont have any other to compare her to but as a first experience I was more than happy. Recommend, yes. Repeat, hell yes
    F-8, B 7.5
    A-9 Nice and Friendly

  • After a long hiatus from this extremely fun hobby, I had the chance to meet Riza today.
    She is a sweet sexy, very intelligent woman.
    I enjoyed her swing and wonderful attitude.
    Treat her nice. She is a fantastic woman.

  • I have also seen Riza like four times she is on perb. She is a really nice lady and takes her time I’m already a repeat customer


  • I saw Riza last night for the first time(definitely wont be the last time) she made me feel at ease from the minute I came through the door, I was immediately attracted to her. She is a beautiful lady with a fantastic personality, and the sex was amazing. As others have mentioned, she truly enjoys what she is doing, whether giving or receiving. My biggest impressions came after all was done and we just lay together talking even though the time I paid for had passed, I never felt rushed. Guys if you want a truly great overall experience, then Riza is your lady