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ID : RIZA847634
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Location : Richmond
30 Minutes : $180 (bbbj, daty, dato receive, Msog)
45 Minutes : $220 (bbbj, daty, dato receive, Msog)
60 Minutes : $250 (bbbj, daty, dato receive, Msog)

 More services : 
CIm,, Cof, Cimwsw plus 50%
Give Golden shower free, receive neck down plus 100$

New to us and starting today.

Fully interactive with couples and with Neve as a duo partner. Duo’s also with Riza and Samantha



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    Saw Sloan a couple of days ago and had a great experience.

    I guess there is a phone girl with Riza’s. The response was a bit slow but I don’t think that is her style. She was easy going and eager to please. I got there about 10 min earlier. Not long after I texted the phone girl, Sloan opened the door. She led me to a clean big room with a clock on the wall and a swing. I asked if she could make the room brighter. She said yes and she turned on the light and opened the curtain (that was something I did not expect but definitely made me happy). We chatted a bit. I said I wanted to take hh first and would extend if everything was fine. She agreed and said I only needed to pay the difference if I extended. She offered everything as posted in the ad and Riza’s website with very good skills. She was energetic and kept working all the time even when we were chatting during the session.

    Not long after the session began, she proposed to use the swing. That was something new to me and it was also a nice feature of Riza’s House. We tried the swing for a while and I enjoyed it but did not like to stand for a long time so we went back to bed. Before the end of the hh I decided to extend to one hour. After the session we had some nice chat again while I was dressing up.

    One thing I have to mention is that I got the full hour. She did not count the time when we were chatting at the beginning and the shower time at the end. I stayed a bit over time. Usually most girls count the time from the time you entered the room to the time you leave the room.

    She was great in every way and open minded. I have nothing to complain. She was one of the best girls I’ve ever met and it was truly an unforgettable experience. I would definitely repeat with her regularly if she can keep offering the same. I would recommend her.